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Who we are?

    Non-Governmental Non-Profitable Organisation Binary options 100 no deposit bonus “Agency for support of cultural initiatives «KusiCreaVision»
    Identification code of the legal entity (code - EGRPOU): 35990665
    The Agency for support of cultural initiatives «KusiCreaVision» was officially registered by the local legal authorities (Registration № 177)

The “KusiCreaVision” agency brings together creative people from the fields of theatre, dance, music, visual arts, socio-cultural work, arts management, cultural training and information provision, etc.

NGO «KusiCreaVision» is associative member of the European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres (ENCATC)


Why is the «KusiCreaVision» Agency been created?

Contemporary Europeans reflect about that, how to brought together creative people, how to represent their interests in a best way and what is needed to do in order culture and art of different countries will be more visible for the representatives of other nationalities. One of best examples in this sense is the Odessa region, where during over two centuries representatives of more than 130 nationalities live and work in a consent and peace. And all of them are preserving and developing cultural traditions of their nations. This unique experience was repeatedly confirmed during the international forums, organized by the cultural managers, working in our team, which is realizing the projects devoted to the problems of international intercourse.

The accumulated experience in the sphere of cultural management allowed to consolidate efforts of like-minded persons in the “KusiCreaVision” Agency for further development and transition on high-quality level of assistance to realization of creative initiatives in the sphere of culture and art.

Natalia Kusik, General Director of Agency, PhD (Economics) and Natalia Volchenko, PR Manager, an international expert in the sphere of culture are participating in the long-term project «The Center for Applied Cultural Management» (financed by the Swiss Cultural Program in Ukraine and East European countries). They developed the conception of creation of the Agency favoring to the realization of creative initiatives. The NGO «KusiCreaVision» was created in result of the long term collaboration of the team members with colleagues and friends from different Ukrainian cities as well as foreign partners who expressed the wish to work in more close contact with the creative Ukrainian people.

For whom and what is “KusiCreaVision” Agency created for?

We joined forces of specialists within the framework of “KusiCreaVision” Agency favoring to the realization of creative initiatives in order that our international polyphony was heard in European cultural space, and participation of Ukraine in the cultural life of Europe became more efficient.

Our professional team promote the modern Ukrainian art on an international stage, and we are also representing interests of the Ukrainian creators in international projects.

We will inform you as well about what takes place in the European cultural space.

Why is the “KusiCreaVision” Agency today needed exactly?

The importance of the cultural sector is widely recognized, both for its instrumental values (economic, employment and social impacts) and for its intrinsic values (aesthetic and spiritual).

Today, when throughout all Europe the globalization tendencies and changes of society are increasing and accelerating, it is necessary to correspond to the modern processes what is going on in the spheres of art and culture, and at the same time saving the identity of every nationality here. By the best method it is possible to do through consolidation of efforts of creative people.

Within the last few years economic, political, social sectors of European Community society have actively developed. European policymaking has a growing impact on the day-to-day work so, like other areas of civil society; the cultural sector needs a strong and unified voice at the European level. “KusiCreaVision” is that voice. Agency is created in order to understand the issues better and to make the voice heard at the European level, in order that the culture and art also are being developed actively, as well as all key sectors of the modern European society.

The mission of Agency is stimulation of professional development of young creative initiators, providing by the tools for managing beginners in the sphere of culture and art, assistance to claim of the strategic seeing of cultural policy on local one, national and international levels.

The activity of the Agency is aimed at the assistance and support to realization by the citizens of creative initiatives, development and popularization of new forms of art and methods of training, development of innovative directions in the management of culture, invitation in and association of artists, lecturers, stakeholders, young gifted citizens.

Main tasks of Agency are:

  • association of artists, managers of culture, lecturers , stakeholders, young talented persons for the decision of the issue of the day in the spheres of culture and art;
  • bringing in of initiative citizens to new forms of art and to the modern methods of management of culture;
  • distribution of information about development and achievements of the modern consulting, creative initiatives and scientific discoveries in this sphere;
  • grant of organizational and consultative help to establishments of culture and art, individuals in realization of creative initiatives;
  • support and assistance to establishment and development of intercultural dialog;
  • establishing collaboration with similar foreign organizations and funds;


Target audience – creative people interested in cultural management activity in the spheres of culture and art, young professionals interested in development of the new art initiatives, new seeing in the spheres of culture and art.


















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