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The Local Branch of the NGO "KusiCreaVision" in Yuzhny city begins to work!

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 The NGO "KusiCreaVision" is confirming the status of the regional organization in the Odessa region, and is continuing to promote the idea of  the importance and necessity of cooperation and coordination efforts between local authorities, communities and the NGOs which are working in the field of culture and art, and we set up our first regional branch.


Regional (Local) Branch of the NGO "KusiCreaVision" in Yuzhny city (Odessa region, the Black Sea coast) will begin formal operation from September 1, 2011.

This Local Branch of “KusiCreaVision - Yuzhny" ("KCV- Yu"), as well as the parent organization is non-profit, it joins together members of the exact territory, it is acting under the Charter which is not contrary to the Statute of the NGO "KusiCreaVision."

The main directions of activity of the Local Branch "KCV - Yu" are the follows: art and culture, social activities; sports and cultural tourism; science and research; education; professional training and retraining of culture managers; coordination and communication between the NGOs and local authorities.



















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