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Cross Border Business Cooperation Network UA – RO – MD

05-2012 001

On May 24, 2012 the NGO "KusiCreaVision" was invited to participate in the opening Presentation of the International Project "Cross Border Business Cooperation Network Ukraine - Romania - Republic of Moldova", which was held in the auditorium of the Odessa National Economic University (ONEU). 


Art - event "Ball - Masquerade"

DSC04377On December 25, 2011 in one of the symbols of Odessa - Vorontsov Palace on the Promenade, was held “Ball – Masquerade” for the Odessa students dedicated to the Christmas and the New 2012 Year. The team of the NGO "KusiCreaVision" facilitated the organization of this Art - event.

Sviatoslav Gorbenko “Moving to the Sun”


There are "seven colors of the sky" in nature.

Sviatoslav added: "They eighth - the Color of Fan!"


gorbenko 5

From October 28 to November 15, 2011 the Personal Exhibition of paintings "Moving to the Sun" of our partner and friend Sviatoslav Gorbenko, the member of the National Ukrainian Artists Union, was held in the art gallery "Sady Pobedy / Victory Gardens" (Odessa, Ukraine). 


Art – event “Foundation Day of Economics & Law Faculty”

00On April 18, 2011 NGO "KusiCreaVision" congratulates its strategic partner - Economics and Law Faculty (E&LF) of the Odessa National I.I. Mechnikov University, with the Day of Foundation of the Faculty.

The E&LF is one of the oldest departments of the University, was founded in 1865 simultaneously with the University on the basis of the legal department of the Richelieu Lyceum (Odessa). Since its establishment, the Faculty occupies a leading position in forming the education system, development of scientific research and culture of Ukraine.

Dasha Skorubskaya "Dreams of Forgotten Cities"


If you, as a doctor, will look at the burning body of her paintings, to the very surface of it -
you will see that it consists of raging binding of energetic brush strokes.
They are living, raging, swirling, and just their glow creates a form.

Alexey Titarenko




On February 2, 2011 the opening of the Exhibition "Dreams of Forgotten Cities" of young artist Dasha Skorubskaya from Kiev was took place with the support and assistance of NGO "KusiCreaVision" and our regular partner - "Guliev Wine" in the art gallery "Sady Pobedy”/ “Victory Gardens” (Odessa, Ukraine). Daria Skorubskaya is the winner of the competition - Laureate of the V. Zaretsky Competition, 2010 in Kiev.


Cultural Networking development in the region

ййKusiCreaVision provided practical support to the Lviv Centre for Cultural management and the ECF in setting up a Ukrainian network of cultural centres within the Neighbourhood program (March 2009 -July 2010).

Initial concept for setting up national network was proposed and discussed by KCV together with its strategic partners within the training “Effective tools of cultural policy: the European experience, challenges, opportunities, prospects” organized by Development Centre “Democracy through the Culture” at the Ministry of Culture & Tourism of Ukraine, and British Council. (Kyiv, March 2009).

Intercultural Dialogue


Exhibition of cartoons on the "Day of Humor" was organized by “KusiCreaVision” in partnership with the Development Centre "Democracy Through the Culture" (Kyiv), Odessa municipality and Hungarian Embassy in Ukraine (Odessa, Ukraine, April 2010).

Formula of Light Breathing

DSC03216December 26, 2009 NGO “KusiKreaVision” invited fans of contemporary poetry and photography on the photo-poetry party “Formula of Light Breathing”. Two gifted ladies from Odessa: poet Khersonskaya Ludmila and photographer Katerina Kozhukhovskaya presented their innovation works to the guests of art café “Gogol-Mogol”. Art of poetry as well as photography are featured by a light breath of a creative approach to modern life.

History of femininity...

07September 12 – 27, 2009 "KusiCreaVision” and art - cafe “Gogol - Mogol" presented photo-project by two Anastasiya’s: art manager Anastasiya Bykova and photo-artist Anastasiya Podroyko "Virgo" or "History of femininity...". A series of photographs brought together a variety of womens images and reflect the different love stories.

In vino veritas!

04_copy_copy_copy_copy_copyThis summer the grand opening of the “Center of Wine Culture” in the Shabo village (Odessa Oblast, Belgorod-Dniester region) took place. Representatives of this Industry and Commerce Company noted that the “Center of Wine Culture - Shabo”- it is the first brand-land (business card, a trademark, a brand) in Ukraine. Within the territory of the enterprise there are: open-air museum, Georgian wine cellar, the royal cellar, cognac yard, wine museum and many other interesting and open to the public facilities

Romanian Art Events

12On July 2009 was 6 months since outstanding Romanian art manager Gabriela Tudor left us. One of her last initiative was “United Experts” - a quality label for professional excellence in cultural development. ”KusiCreaVision” team was invited to participate in art events organized in order to honor Gabriela:

25-th hour

03May 30, 2009 at the Festival «25-th hour», dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of the Odessa film studio and 50th Anniversary of the Odessa Branch of the Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine, thanks to the support of the NGO «KusiCreaVision», international experts, United Experts, European Cultural Foundation, as well as private sponsors a performance of Thomas Kortvelyessy (Rotterdam, Netherlands) «Improvisation» was organized.


01_copyApril 23, 2009, art - cafe «Gogol - Mogol» hosted the duo "Phoenix" (Belgium) within the framework of international project "Odessa story telling through imaging", launched by “KCV” in 2007. Francoise Vanhecke - soloist (soprano) and Stephan Vermeersch (clarinet) visited Odessa not for the third time, cause they love our city and they have a lot of friends here. Usually a so-called academic music did not perform in cozy restaurants, but it all turned out very harmonically: no sound amplifier, voice, clarinet...

International Opera Fund

01_copy_copy5 - 7 April, 2009 a working meeting with our partners - consultants of International Opera Fund (The Netherlands, Amesfort) Jos Shuring (Netherlands) and Alexander Butsenko (Kyiv) took place in Odessa.






Art dessert

03_copy“Every my photo is featured by love.
This love to my native city, to the Black Sea.
This love to my heroes - an extraordinary, fantastic people.
This love to the photo art! This love to the World in general!”
Lisa Koval

George Baldin

04_copy"To become a real photographer, you must learn to look through the eyes of the soul,
because photo camera - is the heart and soul."
Josef Karsh

«Music of Earth»

84Ukraine, Odessa, August 7 – 10, 2008 – consulting was provided to the joint artistic project of NGO «Music of Earth» (director – Natalia Khramova) and member of Ukrainian Artists Union Svyatoslav Gorbenko. Site: Odessa, Exhibition Hall at Odessa Sea Terminal, 9th International Exhibition «Jewellery Saloon»


















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