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Areas Economic Development: using the Potential of Culture

On May 28 - June 01, 2012 NGO "KusiCreaVision" took part in the short thematic seminar "Administrative-territorial reform as an instrument realization of an economic reform Program "Prosperous society, competitive economy, effective state for 2010 - 2014".

The main target audience of the seminar were heads, deputy heads of executive bodies and local authorities of Crimea, Vinnitsa, Nikolaev, Odessa, Kherson and Sevastopol. 


Ethical Dilemmas of Business: Corporate Social Responsibility

In November 2011 a team of trainers of the NGO "KusiCreaVision" was invited to the Master - class "Ethical Dilemmas of Business", which was held in Kiev by our new partner: the Ukrainian Association for Management Development and Business - Education and The Global Compact Network in Ukraine. 

The main purpose of this event was the presentation and approbation of Business Game "Ethical Dilemmas of Business", which is intended as for higher educational institutions, as well as for NGO, public organizations and business circles. The game is based on 10 principles of the UN Global Compact and is directly affect the areas of corporate social responsibility.

ANIMATED International event

11Thanks for support of STEP beyond grants program ECF the team of the NGO “KusiCreaVision” (KCV) have an able to actively participate in the ANIMATED International event (Byala, Bulgaria, Black Sea coast, June 23 – July 3, 2011).

This travel give an opportunity for the KCV team to meet our colleagues from Intercultura Consult (Petya Koleva, Director) for discussion of possibilities for cooperation in Project is promoting cultural networking and educational exchange in the Black Sea Basin communities.

As a result, the Protocol on Cooperation between Intercultura Consult and the KCV was signed with the aim to develop friendship relationships, cooperation and experience exchange in the sphere of culture and arts mobility.

Artists and leaders of culture organizations have sharing best practices and encouraging cultural participation, through a series of self-organized, interdisciplinary workshops.

The most useful for the Ukrainian stakeholders were results of the project TOUCH” 2010 – 2011. Some presentations of this project were provided with new communication formats, as follows: Introduction (Mariana Nikolaeva), Artistic intervention (Atanas Totlyakov), Workshop (Nadezda Savova).

International Workshop “To Culture With Love. Management”

11Since 2009, the NGO " KusiCreaVision" is an associate member of the ENCATC (European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centers).

Through such cooperation, our organization receives regularly invitations and has possibility to send their team members and volunteers to prestigious international conferences, workshops, seminars, courses in management culture.

International Workshop for European Young Professionals “To Culture With Love. Management” (TCWL.M) is such seminar exactly.

After the first successful testing of idea to create a platform where to meet young enthusiastic people from all around Europe to discuss different approaches and share ideas and experiences on TCWL.M workshop in February 2010 (Brno, Czech Republic) it was decided  to continue such meetings.

Theatre Management: Science or Art?

11On February 14, 2011 in the Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration of National Academy of Public Administration Office of the President of Ukraine was held master's thesis defence by Helena Giryaeva on the theme "The project to modernize the Odessa theatre of young spectator" under the specialty "Project Management".

Nataliia Kusyk, the Director of the NGO "KusiCreaVision", was an outside independent consultant of this work within a year. The main focus of cooperation has been selected the problem to improve management of non-profit organization, which is working in the sphere of culture and art. And the Odessa theatre of young spectator is the example of it.

International information seminar

melit25 - 26 November 2010, International information seminar"Intercultural cities: community looking to the future" Melitopol (Ukraine). Representatives of the NGO “KusiCreaVision” participated in this event organized by our strategic partner - DC "Democracy through culture" (Kyiv, Ukraine) within the framework of the Council Europe "Intercultural Cities" aimed at the creation of comfortable conditions for all ethnic groups in modern cities, and promoting economic development through the development of tolerance.

From multicultural perspectives to intercultural dialogue

2-1May 18 – 21, NGO “KusiCreaVision” together with its strategic partner - the Development Center “Democracy through Culture” - as well as with the support from the British Council, the Odessa Regional State Administration, Yuzhny City Council invited journalists of central, regional, national, mainstream editions and representatives of the mass media issued by communities of national minorities to participate in the international workshop “From multicultural perspectives to intercultural dialogue” - Council of Europe Campaign “Speak out against discrimination”. The opportunity to work together, to prepare reports on the innovative coverage of issues of intercultural relations and discrimination in Ukraine was given to participants.

Transylvanian pictures

27July 5-6, 2009 in the framework of the «KusiCreaVision» visit to the Romanian partners, a series of meetings took place in Romanian museums, in particular we had talk with our colleagues from the ethnographic museum "Haszmann Pal" (Covasna), where art residencies could be organized.






044 June, 2009 with the support of NGO «KusiCreaVision» the master - class - concert by piano duet «RUNEDAKO» (USA):Daniel Koppelman and Ruth Neville took place at the Music School of Yuzhny city. Duet explores the repertoire for one or two pianos, performs with the use of electronics and computers, presents a wide range of live music and its program aimed at entertainment and education of the audience. Duet awarded the first prize at the contest for piano duets in Grosmont, (California, the USA).
Master - class - piano duet concert took place within the international project "Odessa story telling through imaging", launched by «KusiCreaVision» in 2007.

Effective tools of cultural policy

04_copy_copy«Effective tools of cultural policy: the European experience, challenges, opportunities, prospects» was organized by our partner Model 21

Master - class by Gerald Assoulin

02_copy_copy_copyOn February 11, 2009 NGO «KusiCreaVision» together with the Alliance Francaise Odessa organized master - class delivered by modern French photographer Gerald Assoulin. The action took place within the international project "Odessa story telling through imaging" launched in 2007. Following discussion topics were proposed «Subjectivity of photos» and «Subjectivity of Gerald Assulin’s photos » as well as a video «Tango Baltico» (2003).

Kinetic Awareness

04_copy_copy_copyMaster class on Kinetic Awareness® was organized in Ukraine and in this region of Europe for the first time. Participants explored the relationships between movement and dance, as well as discussed further social implications of a more emancipated and enlightened body mind. The travel from Rotterdam to Odessa has been made possible by invitation and organisation of“KusiCreaVision” and United Experts, a travel-grant from StepBeyond of the European Cultural Foundation, and private contributors.

04_copy_copy_copy_copy«Sponsor is a person who gives money easier than explain their origin»


So what is the «fundraising»? Why not be limited either by public support or abilities of members of NGOs? How to organize and efficiently manage the process of raising funds? How to be thankful for the prestigious sponsorship? How to create more alternative sources of funding for projects? How to be prepared for the future integration into international markets donation?


















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