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Eastern Partnership Culture Congress Web Site


Congress Web Site (EPCC) has just been opened from June, 2012!

It is now available on in-Polish, in-English and in-Russian version.


EPCC Web Site serves as a kind of platform for information exchange.

The site offers stakeholders to publish information about their activities in the Eastern Partnership countries (grant opportunities, calls for partners, call for projects, publications and other information, which is important to the cultural cooperation).

This will create a open data base and the Cultural Map of Eastern Partnership.

Creative Residencies

David Parrish - Business adviser for creative entrepreneurs

Information, ideas and networks for creative enterprises world-wide:

"Culture Projects - a guide to European Cooperation"

The Kyiv Memorandum for Creative Communities

The international conference Culture Makes the Difference – Communities Oriented toward the Future, held in Kyiv on 28-30 May 2008, has gathered a group of professionals from 10 different countries in Europe and Central Asia, with a common concern to integrate creativity better in the development agendas of South-East Europe and other regions.


The last months of 2007 saw the successful completion of the first generation of E C F C apacity Development projects for transitional cities across Eastern Europe and the EU Neighbourhood:


Menthor is a cultural foundation that offers a dynamic alternative to the institutionalised cultural sector, initiating and organising interdisciplinary projects that create links between local and international artists’ creativity. 
“Constanta – city on Europe’s cultural map” is Menthor’s vision. 
One of its main objectives is to reinvent the cultural territory through the use of nonconventional spaces (e.g. postindustrial) for artistic purposes. In that sense, Menthor will organize at the end of October 2008 the event “Constanta Caz 2”, gathering multimedia local and international artists, who will exhibit in nonconventional spaces of the city.


Oradea Local Council through Administratia Imobiliara Oradea has proposed an unique project in Oradea’s cultural landscape. The project Oradea – Culture and Diversity, intends to develop a cultural, social, administrative and economic environment, through a transparent process of consultation based on dialog, negotiation and mutual respect. The process will give the local authority the possibility to offer a higher quality of life to Oradea citizens. In the framework of this project there are a series of activities, as follows: sociological analyzes of cultural needs and offers, the elaboration of a cultural strategy, and the identification and promotion of the valuable cultural heritage that the city has to offer. The results of the project will contribute to a better administration in the cultural sphere and a better process of putting in value the tangible and intangible culture of Oradea. The framework offerd by United Experts, the earnestness of the beneficiary and the expertise of Corina Raceanu in this area, are some premises which entitle the achievement of our goal.


















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